Choose the best private tours Transylvania Romania. We offer unforgettable experiences which you can enjoy together with your significant other or with a small group of friends/family members. Go on our tailor made experiences and then discover amazing places such as Maramures, Bucovina, Danube Delta, the black Sea, Seklers Island and many others. Private tours allow you to plan your itinerary according to your schedule. Furthermore, we can design your tour according to the budget you wish to spend. Here are some ideas of private tours. Choose an itinerary or come up with your own plan and contact us for more information.

Private tours Transylvania Romania – Ideas

Genealogy tours in Transylvania-Routes to your roots

Visit the places of your ancestors and have an insight in your family genealogy – Transylvania Live specializes in tailor-made ancestral travel and genealogical tours in Romania.
We are able to assist you in finding information about your ancestor, as well as designing an itinerary to the places connected to your past. Our offer includes full range travel arrangements with accommodation, transport, local guides and sightseeing.
We invite you to discover Romania, the homeland of your ancestors. Walk the routes of your forefathers.

Tailor made holidays in Transylvania – For you and your friends – Wine Road

Picking the grapes is another occasion of great joy for those who deal with wine and have vineyards. Crushing the grapes with the feet is a custom dating for centuries. The special stopping of the “Wine Route” could be – Jidvei – a castle where some of the best wines in Romania are made, wine cellars of Lechinta Saxon town,Biertan Medieval Citadel.

For Halloween – The ultimate experience in Dracula’s Country

private tours transylvania romania
Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel

Halloween in Transylvania! The best match! For your protection, we recommend garlic, red woolen threads, sweet basil, magic charms. The number of evil characters in our folklore is only exceeded by the number of magic formulae used as protection against them.
Did you know that saying „Noroc”( “Cheers”) when somebody sneezes is absolutely necessary? Without this well-wishing, the devil might steal the soul of the person who happened to catch a cold.
Day Of The Dead or « Luminatia » (Enlightment) – we celebrate this on the 1 st of November. All over Transylvania, if you happen to pass by any cemetery, you will see lighted candles by the crosses – the lights symbolize the souls of the dead.

For everyone – Traditional winter holidays in Maramures or Bucovina

Transylvania wintertime … do not forget to buy enough batteries for your camera! After you see the masks in the streets during the Winter Traditions Festival, you can also meet one of the men who make them. We will have a hard time in convincing him to show us how they put the nose on such a mask… this will be the only exception he can afford since he promised to keep the secret of the craft.

For couples- Valentine’s day  in picturesque spa hotels in Sovata

Transylvanians easily adopted this ancient Roman holiday. Valentine’s Day has a Romanian equivalent, called ‘Dragobete’, celebrated around the same time. The “dragobete” is the male correspondent of fairies, the god of birds.

For families with children – Easter in traditional Maramures, Bucovina or in Hungarian ethnic areas

In the Land of Maramures, the local craftsmen have carved wooden red eggs and extremely beautiful icons in order to meet the holiday properly. In the evening you find out the Easter traditions and customs that are still preserved in the area straight from the mouth of the locals, on the occasion of an evening sitting. On the Good Thursday, women all over the country are dyeing the eggs. However, it is in Dragoteni – Beius that they do it most mastery. The eggs are dyed and the colours that had been used have a particular significance.

The most important week of the year is the Passion Week. The preparations for the holy night to come have began 40 days ago, when Christians started fasting. The Good Thursday is the purifying moment, the last step to make before the Good Friday. At Campani they light fires on the hills in order to protect people against evil all along the year and also to announce the light of the Resurrection.

For the Resurrection Liturgy, the churchgoers have an Easter basket in which they put dyed eggs, cake and wine for the priest to bless. The priest invites the believers: “ Come take the light ”, and after that, they surround the church three times, holding candles.

„Micul gradinar cu sticluta-n buzunar ” (young little gardener with a bottle in his pocket) Another very beautiful custom was only preserved in Transylvania for the first day after Easter. People go to their friends and neighbours to announce them that Christ has raised. Men carry with them little bottles in which they have water or perfume to „water” women who are said to actually be flowers that need care. The host gives them a dyed egg, wine and cake.

For Companies – Incentive holiday empowering people with goals

Incentive programs are an increasingly vital element in corporate sales and marketing strategies. From designing an incentive program that motivates with the exotic flavor of Eastern Europe to smooth execution, Transylvania-Live delivers added-value travel reward programs with superb cost-performance. Lower employee turnover, higher productivity and recruitment of higher quality personnel are just a few of the benefits of a well-designed travel incentive.

For festival lovers- Celebrating customs and folklore

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in matter of traditional way of life, customs, beliefs, dances, songs, the festivals are the best and most spectacular way to see up close the live culture of a particular area.Tailor made packages for traditional festivals can be conceived at your request.

Choose the best tailor made holidays Transylvania! Discover our customs and traditions, as well as the best Dracula related legends!