Choose the best Transylvania tour. Discover our country and then visit amazing landmarks such as Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Bran Castle or Turda Salt Mine. In addition to these, we also organize special trips departing from Budapest, the Hungarian capital. Therefore, in addition to discovering the legend of Dracula, you will get to explore our neighbors’ capital.

Transylvania Tour – Explore Budapest

Budapest view

Budapest is one of Europe’s most attractive cities, rich in natural and architectural beauty. It’s no wonder that the Castle District, the River Danube Embankments and the whole of Andrassy ut have been officially recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Peaceful and bustling, a big metropolis and yet friendly, it treasures the old and embraces the new. Here the historic blends with the modern, the hills harmonize with the river, the Danube, which flows through the city separating Buda from Pesta.

Budapest is richly endowed with natural springs of thermal waters possessing various medicinal properties, and it is these that supply the city’s many thermal baths. Not for nothing it is known as the City of Spas.

Visit Budapest highlights such as the Parliament’s House, the largest building in Hungary. It is located in Kossuth Square, the Pest side of the city, on the banks of the Danube. Another amazing landscape is The Castle District, the residence of Hungarian monarchs for over 700 years. Nowadays, Buda Castle houses several museums and galleries. In this district, you can also find Matthias Church (also known as the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary). This church used to house coronations and royal weddings in the past.

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Book an amazing Transylvania tour and then visit both the land of Dracula and the Hungarian capital. Budapest is home to several unforgettable highlights. Enjoy a day of fun before entering the Count’s realm.

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